A Valuable Lesson!


New Berry FruitsIf you had read yesterday’s Bard-verse you’d have discovered that it was my wedding anniversary. Amongst other things, Mrs Bard gave me some soft-centered sweets to remind me of a night of shame. We’ve all had them, however mine was the night we met…

As many a young person is apt to do,
One night I had a drink or two!
It was my birthday, I’m ashamed to say,
And I had drunk the day away.
Late at night, collapsed over a wall,
I wasn’t feeling well at all!
I was dragged back to a student flat,
And in the morning there ‘she’ sat.
Feeling groggy I combed the streets,
In order to buy her special treats.
I’d bought her a box of New Berry Fruit,
Her face showed me, something’s don’t suit.
I’d learnt a lesson above all other,
Not all girls are like your mother!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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