An Oily Issue!


There’s nothing worse than having an inkling that a machine is about to break down. It normally happens when time is minimum and stress is maximum. The other day I was loading a lorry with wheat and I just knew there was trouble ahead. The JCB dealer’s mechanic listened to my amateurish explanation and fixed the problem…

I was loading a lorry up with wheat
The load was not quite complete
When suddenly an awful pong
Something dire seemed to be wrong
It wasn’t me I have to tell
Smelt of oil – JCB not well
I rang the dealer before too late
Sent engineer to investigate
He looked from on top
He looked from below
“It’s a problem with the switch
That makes the circuit go!”
We’ve got one in stock but not on the van,
Be mended just as quick as I can!”
Now the machine is mended
I cannot complain
We were going to use it
But it’s pouring down with rain!
With grateful thanks to AT Oliver ( for their first-class service delivered by exceptional staff.

© Baldock Bard 2012
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