Baldock’s Last Cowboy!


On Saturday at the car boot sale I bumped into an old friend I hadn’t seen for ages. Although now stooped with age, his eyes still had that sparkle I’d known fifteen years ago. In an age where youth is increasingly king, this is for all the old codgers and codgerettes out there…

Baldock’s last cowboy (and his hat) roams the mighty plain,
Always after adventure on his silver Zimmer frame.
He once used to ride a horse but it died in sixty-four,
Then he had a bicycle but can’t use it anymore.
He came across two varmints, making trouble down the road,
“You’d better leave, get out of town, before I shift my load!”
They looked at him with pity, “Go back down the park!”
He caught the first across the face, the Zimmer left it’s mark!
His mate creased up with laughter at the thought of his mates scar,
And fell right off the pavement, in front of a passing car!
So if you’re coming into town and trouble is your game,
Baldock’s last cowboy waits for you – No respect will just bring pain!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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