Christmas Shopping!


Mrs Bard and I have been Christmas shopping. We trudged around the stores grabbing suitable gifts from the shelves. At my lowest moment I suddenly realized that I was a ‘Shopping Wimp’ and that there was someone else who was much busier at this time of year…

Santa’s very busy
Prepares for Christmas Day
He’s got so many things to do
Nothing gets in the way!

The reindeers need servicing
Oil change and tyres (new set)
Antifreeze levels corrected
Air horns he can’t forget!

The sleigh is in the workshop
Windscreen wipers worn
The runners need replacing
Upholstery tired and worn!

Six billion presents still to wrap
A thousand miles of paper
He’s industrious and shows us all
He’s a Christmas motivator!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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