Hibernating Loos!


Just as some birds fly South for the winter, our portable toilets leave the farm at the end of the car boot sale season! Visitors to the sales always remark on how uniquely fresh, clean and useable they are considering that they are at a car boot sale. This is not achieved simply by magic…

Health and Safety Warning: Poor quality rhyming can damage your health if taken too seriously, check before purchase as refunds cannot be guaranteed. Serving Suggestion Only.

The loos are leaving the farm this week
They’re off to hibernate, warmer climes to seek!
Everyone says: “how good they be”
Not just somewhere for an emergency pee!

So thanks to those from Toilets +
Who’s weekly clean makes them good for us.
And I mustn’t forget Travis Perkins,
The Biggleswade branch makes sure they’re workins!

A lorry will come and whisk them away
Leaving the trailer for another day
If they could talk you know what they’d choose:
“Happy Christmas from the hibernating loos!”
© Baldock Bard 2012
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