How to Make a Fat Old Man Very Happy! (How to make a happy old man very fat!)


Nats Coffee CreamsFood, Glorious Food! So sung a thin scrawny child in a West-End musical some years ago. Someone once said: “never trust a thin chef!” My new motto is (to be said with a mouth crammed with chocolate): “To hell with the diet, these are too good for words!” I am a very happy fat old man as one of Granddaughter Bard’s Godmothers has given me a present…

As a regular reader you will know,
How food obsessed I am,
Any type of food will do,
Beef or pork or lamb.

However that’s just half of it,
Or maybe just a third,
I have a sweet obsession,
That most find quite absurd.

When I was twelve in hospital,
I was given coffee creams,
I ate them all without a pause,
(Despite the nurses’ screams!).

Nat came to see Granddaughter Bard,
A Godmother she’s to be,
She had made some coffee creams
That’s right, all just for me!

Now I was always taught to share
As a theory that is fine
But when it comes to coffee creams,
I’m sorry, they’re all mine!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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