Nervous Breakdown!


Any farmer will tell you that the greatest problem with combine harvesters is that they only break down at harvest time! Invariably there is trouble when the forecast warns of rain and you’re desperate to finish a field before the crop gets wet or ruined. Rod, a mechanic with local agricultural engineers Buckles, has been coming to the farm for over 25 years. Cometh the hour, cometh the man…

Before lunch on Sunday the wheels stopped turning,
The combine halted, we could smell burning!
Stiffly clamber down, been too long seated,
Smoke from a bearing that’s overheated!

Undo a pulley on a large lump of steel,
There’s smoldering dust, the danger was real,
Ring the dealer for a brand-new bearing,
The nearest one is Nottingham, cue some swearing!

Monday morning out comes Rod,
Takes one look, “That’s a real sod!”
Rummages around in his John Deere van,
Can he mend it? – Of course he can!
An adjustment with a hammer is no disgrace,
When the bloody thing won’t go back, it’s hard to replace!
Very soon it’s fixed, Rod’s work is done
We’re combining oats and hoping for some sun!
© Baldock Bard 2012

Buckles Engineers at Cromer in Hertfordshire are John Deere agents selling not only agricultural equipment but also grounds-care supplies such as mowers, strimmers etc.

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