Orange and Black!


Anyone who has entered a supermarket in the last seven weeks will know it’s Halloween this week. A small and forgotten pagan ritual has been resuscitated by commercialism and turned into another financial gun to be pointed at struggling parents. A case of a re-imported export gone bad, or it could just be me being a grumpy old bar-steward…

Orange and black, orange and black
A complicated plot to sell lots more tat
Children will pester, their parents will groan
“I want, I must have!” more junk to take home!

Spooky sweets and chocolates fill a whole aisle
To not indulge the children another costly trial
Plastic dressing-up clothes will not last the night
Strange coloured face-paint looks a real sight

Lorry-loads of pumpkins destined for the bin
They’d rather eat sausages boiled from a tin
The costly adornments can make you quite ill
By this time tomorrow it’ll be on the way to landfill

… it’ll then be time for stores to ratchet up the pressure for Christmas sales!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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