Plane Sailing!


Luton AirportYesterday morning I took Jamie Drummond to Luton Airport following his stint on the Ocean Elements stand at the London Boat Show ( Jamie is a pro windsurfer ( and was on his way back to Malta for more training before the season begins. His long-suffering girlfriend, Jo, will be seeing quite a bit of his back in the weeks to come as he perfects his competition routine. However my simple task was to deliver him to the airport in time for his flight…

I’m taking Jamie to the airport,
Ring, ring, the alarm clock starts to chime!
Four in the morning,
It shouts out a warning,
Must get him to the plane on time!

The road to the airport is quite icy,
The gritters are now gritting ‘till daytime!
I’ve missed the bloody turning,
My passenger’s a-gurning,
Just get him to the plane on time!

He’s flying out to stay in sunny Malta,
There’s no snow there, the weather is just fine!
He’s soon be windsurfing,
His girlfriend he’s deserting,
Will get him to the plane on time!

Luton’s doing better now than Heathrow,
No cancellations, all the planes in line!
Pull into the drop-off,
To the terminal he’ll pop off,
I got him to the plane on time!
Jamie Drummong Luton© Baldock Bard 2013

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