Summer Solstice 2013!


Solstice 2013The above picture was taken this morning at 6:04am, the time of the Summer Solstice. I had donned my (Baldock) bardic robes and wearing my sanctified sandals, sacrificed a goat by the sacred stone whilst saluting the sun (put a sheet around my shoulders, found an old pair of Crocs and held a picture of a surfing goat while looking out of the window at the grey clouds). Many years ago, on the site now occupied by our ancient village church, pagan activities such as sun worshiping may have taken place. These days, thanks to global warming, we very rarely even see the sun, so perhaps we should give it a try…
SGWay down West in Stonehenge,
When the sun rose early this morning,
A lot of men with goat-like beards,
Wearing sandals, chanting and snorting!
A surfing goat put to sea,
Just because she could.
Unfortunately she couldn’t see
The trees for all the wood!
So if you’re wondering and quite confused,
As to where this verse is heading,
You’re almost as confused as the surfing goat,
Who thought she was in Reading!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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