The Bank Holiday Funfair


FunfairSick of the stop-start harvest, and fed up with looking at wheat soaking up rain out in the fields, Mrs Bard and I made for a riverside abode over the Bank Holiday. A funfair, dragon-boat racing and fireworks were to be the ideal distraction from the soggy farm. Saturday’s drowning of a 40-year-old father of three young children, as he swam to retrieve a football, put life sharply into prospective. The soggy fields were forgotten, the charity dragon boat racing was cancelled along with the fireworks and the funfair was left to spend a damp and long weekend with little reward…

The funfair stays,
bedraggled by Bank Holiday weather;
damp rides, damp showmen,
and dampened spirits.

Flowers accumulate,
at the riverside in memory,
of a father of three small children,
who slipped under the water,
not yards from the riverbank.

For the family left behind,
life is not fun,
nor is it fair.

Our thoughts are for the family and friends of James Griffin, RIP.

© Baldock Bard 2015
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