The Fussy Eater (ungrateful little sod!)


Food Basket copyI was recently listening to a mother who was being run ragged by her infant. She was berating the fact that he would only eat recognised brands of food. She was quite taken aback when I suggested that her son was an ungrateful little sod. My recommendation that food should be withheld until he was hungry enough to eat it, also fell on deaf ears (names have been changed!)

I knew a child called Alfie Sands
Was allergic to eating certain brands!
Everything that came to his table
Had to come with a specific label

His poor mother spent her time
Avoiding brands that made him whine!
In an attempt to cut her bill
She bought own-brand, it made him ‘ill’

Some years later when he’d flown the nest
His shopping budget wasn’t the best
When cheaper food was procured
To his surprise he found himself cured!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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