The Kite and the Drone!


KiteThe other day I was circling the farm with my drone and paying more attention to the screen and the crops than to my surroundings. When I replayed the footage later I noticed that a friend had joined the drone and had been swooping around it! Having seen footage on the Internet of drones being attacked, I counted my blessings that this was not an eagle…

Swooping gracefully around the skies,
the kite came across a strange bird!
Whereas the kite graceful flight sustained,
a buzzing of rotors could be heard!
The kite took a circle (or two) round this ‘thing’,
as it buzzed around (but not soared),
and with a measured slow flap of its wings,
flew away (in a short time) – just bored!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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