The Old-Fashioned Toy!


The BoxIn a store the other day I watched as a small child manipulated his mother into buying him a ‘soon-to-be-discarded’ expensive toy. The next day I found my granddaughter happily playing in the garden with the cheapest toy money can buy! A quick photo is enough, I hope, to curtail any future demand! However it doesn’t apply to ‘Grandad-spoil-time’…

There’s a toy that always surprises,
Little hands, feet and eyes’es!
Primary colours are nowhere near,
No metallic music can you hear!
It has no wheels, legs or arms,
It’s not found in space, castles or farms!
No spin-off from a TV show,
Buttons, levers, knobs, no no!
No furry badger, hen or fox,
In fact it’s just a cardboard box!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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