The Trials of Shopping with an Elderly Human!


Driving TerrierWhile in a town centre recently we watched a terrier take his elderly human shopping. He drove up in a little electric scooter, gave the human a list and sat patiently waiting for his return…

Jack the Russell drives to the store,
His human needs dog food and more.
He parks the buggy outside the shop,
Looking forward to a juicy lamb chop.
Little girls peer and point,
Them, with egg, he’d like to anoint!
The terrier looks at his watch you see,
It’s almost time he was home for tea.
At last the human comes through the door,
Just in time, couldn’t take much more.
The shopping stowed and off they go,
The pavement traffic’s very slow!
Beeping the horn, “Get outa my way!
I want to get home, not tomorrow, TODAY!”

© Baldock Bard 2014
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