The Wine Snob!


When it comes to wine I admit I know nothing. A distant relation used to be able to tell not only where the wine was from, but also from which vineyard it came and what year it was bottled! However there are also those who know nothing but profess to knowing everything…

I have a friend
His name is Bob
There’s just one problem
He’s a wine snob

Now I don’t care
Where a wine is grown
For all I care
Could be Baldock or Rome!

When he last came
On the sideboard did spy
A ‘rare’ bottle of wine
“Please, oh please, can I try?”

I poured it out
He sniffed the wine
Made gurgling sounds
“This is so fine!”

“A little bottle
I picked up somewhere!”
That it was from Tesco
He was unaware!

He now thinks that
The wine at my table
Is much researched
– I choose by label!

© Baldock Bard 2012

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