Wonderful Mother Nature?


Being a farmer, apparently closer to nature than most, I am supposed to hold Mother Nature in high esteem. Mostly I do; the seasons come along like buses, animals and birds reproduce in the spring and harvest has always followed planting. However I think there are some areas where nature has slipped up, one of these I don’t understand…

Being now old in advancing years,
I have a question: Why growing ears?
Those silly flappy bits, are growing every year,
yet they don’t seem to help in making me hear.
They’ll soon be big enough to be seen in a zoo,
please don’t laugh it may happen to you,
there is only one purpose or so I am told,
they’ll hide my hearing aids when I’m very old!

Enjoy your day. Pardon? What did you say, I didn’t quite catch that, my ears got in the way!
Due to a fault in the operating system I’m having to use a library picture. This shows a volunteer attempting to measure my outsize ears. No animals were harmed in this process.

© Baldock Bard 2016
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