The Baldock Bard
In 1997 a scruffy untalented poet started to write verse for the Baldock Car Boot Sale adverts in the local papers on a four week trial.
Before long his attempts at verse was being discussed in hostelries far and wide.

Why ‘Baldock Bard’?
Way back in 1998 a buyer (see picture below) came up to me at a boot sale and commented on how he enjoyed the weekly verses. Apparently he had been in a pub in North London and there were two men standing at the bard discussing poetry over a pint. One of these men was saying how much he enjoyed reading the adverts in a local paper for “some boot sale near Baldock”. The buyer joined in the conversation saying that he was a regular buyer there. They decided between them that I needed a pen name and so over a pint the three of them came up with ‘Baldock Bard’.

Baldock Bard – The Blog
At the end of February 2012 a friend suggested that I didn’t have the required patience to wrote a daily blog. In order to make a point I started and am about to reach my 600th edition (mainly six-a-week, sometimes seven!). So point made, but habit formed!

Without this buyer, the Baldock Bard would  still be plain old Stan!


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