22 (35) Today!


Trailer TailgateIt is strange how sometimes inanimate items can provoke the strongest of reactions. Today’s photo may seem rather strange but the words were written by my son, David, on August 27th 2002. He was driving the tractor and trailer, bringing wheat back to the farm on his 22nd birthday and was as happy as happy could be. Doing what he loved, surrounded by people he loved on the farm he loved.
But, of course, life is not a fairytale and David was killed by a drunk driver at university the following February, aged 22.
The following harvest I went to fetch the tailgate to put on the trailer. As it was heavier than I could possibly carry, I attached it by chain to the forklift. While traveling up the yard it swung around to reveal the message. It was the first of many unexpected moments that would (and will) span the rest of my life.
The trailer is long since gone, however the photo and memory survive. This day has become harder as the years progress and there is no answer or relief.
Perhaps I should put ’35 Today’ on our current trailer.

Please give your loved ones an extra hug today. If you can’t, give them a ring and say those three immortal words: “I love You”.

Happy Birthday David, miss you.
D HarvestHarvest 2002 with David at the wheel!

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