29th February Birthdays!


A friend of mine has a birthday today and while out and about I met someone else who had her birthday today as well. As it only comes around every four years, I couldn’t resist the opportunity…

My friend Max has turned fourteen,
The oldest teenager I’ve ever seen.
He’s the junior in his family you see,
His youngest daughter, she’s already twenty-three.
I wished him Happy Birthday on his special day,
The next time I can say that is four years away!

I met a girl on her morning walk,
With her mother and dog, we stopped to talk.
Her mother said, “it’s her birthday today”
Looked far older than six, I might say.
She’s left uni, she can drive,
Can drink in pubs, not Coke outside.
Has she missed out? Have no fear,
They only hold Olympics in her birthday year!

copyright Baldock Bard 2012