A Cloudy Spillage!


Cloudy SkyThis morning the clouds have a reddish hue overlaying dark! It seems strange to me that something so obviously physical is just a collection of water droplets that you can fall through (if unlucky) and fly through (if lucky!). It is little wonder that early man thought it was home to the Angry Gods that warned people with thunder and smote the wicked with lightening. However this morning’s colour looks remarkably like tractor diesel…

Looking up,
At the clouds,
This morning,
0530 hours,
(Army time).
It looked as if,
Someone up there,
Had spilt red diesel,
On the clouds,
When filling,
A heavenly tractor!
The Environment Agency,
Won’t like that,
At all.
God is in,
For a hefty fine!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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