The Memory Lane!


2cvI have an admission to make. Many years ago I drove the world’s most boring car at the time, a Citroen 2CV. Looking back, in terms of being trendy, it was the motoring equivalent of a pair of hippy slippers. However, seeing one in a carpark the other day, I came over all nostalgic as I remembered the open roof, micro-engine and play-ground suspension…

I think I liked my 2CV,
it’s a very long time ago you see,
I’d drive long distances with a prayer:
‘No long hills between here and there!’
However when the weather was fine,
I’d open the roof and enjoy sunshine.
In the winter other’s smirked,
because the heater never worked.
Around each corner the little tike,
leant over further than a motorbike!
But in a carpark the other week,
I felt nostalgic for this memory leak!

Have a great day and enjoy the weekend sunshine, a perfect time for a ride out in a 2CV!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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