The Uncultivated Wild!


This morning we have a group from a primary school in London coming to visit the farm. One particularly popular part of the visit is when we visit ‘The Zombie Ground’. As it has had no human interference and is wild it may be representative of a post apocalyptic world. Eleven years ago we took a piece of field, fenced it in, and left it to its own devices.  The government advisor at the time suggested that trees would grow even though none were planted. I suggested that if that happened I’d eat my hat. Some trees have grown and so I’d better fetch my cap along with knife and fork…

I’ll be showing the children the ‘Zombie Ground’,
where self-set trees are all around.
I’ll explain to them this morning,
‘no more farming?’ It’s a warning.
The countryside would just go wild,
apart from the odd roaming child.
Living off simply berries and nuts,
not much fun no if’s nor but’s.
But I’ll say “don’t you fear,
we have a harvest every year,”
Then we’ll consider those abroad,
who are hungry and can’t afford,
things that we take for granted,
‘we always harvest all we planted’.

We are so very lucky to live in a land of plenty. The next time you eat, please spare a thought for those who live daily with hunger.

© Baldock Bard 2017
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