A Car Prompts an Embarrassing Memory!


90Isn’t it strange how places and objects can transport you straight back in time to past ‘faux-pas-terribles’. Yesterday I saw a Rover 90 passing and found myself transported back to 1971 and a girl I shall call ‘Susan’ (as the mists of time and depth of shame have erased her name!)…

Susan was fourteen,
Susan was shy,
She looked as if,
Any moment she’d cry!

She came to school,
In a black Rover car,
Which was driven snail-like,
By her old grandpa!

One terrible morning,
In an attempt to look cool,
“If your granddad drove slower,
you’d never get to school!”

As soon as I said it,
I knew I was bad:
“That’s isn’t my grandpa
That is my dad!”

So yesterday lunchtime,
When a Rover passed by,
It reminded me of the time,
I wished I could die!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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