A Friend Indeed!


The other day I recounted how my old baler was in need of life-saving surgery with the welder and that my prowess with a welder was very limited! (http://www.baldockbard.co.uk/?p=9652) Unfortunately the repair turned out to be beyond my capability and so I was unsure what to do. So I did what Chris Tarrant on ‘Millionaire’ would have suggested: I phoned a friend who has a shiny new baler…

“John, I have a problem,
my baler is kaput!
I’m not sure what to do,
could you take a look?
I wonder if you’re able,
to do my baling for me,
I’ve cut it and I’ve turned it,
it’s making fast you see!”

The next day John arrived,
with tractor and posh baler,
then went away on holiday,
true friends never fail-yer!
I tentatively drove it,
avoiding poles and trees,
it spewed out all the bales,
with remarkable speed and ease.
All the bales are in the barn,
from worrying I am freed,
It just goes to show,
John’s a friend indeed!

The one thing in life that is more important than wealth and possessions is true friendship, I hope you are as lucky as I am to have so many friends. Keep collecting!

© Baldock Bard 2017
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