A Most Mysterious Object!


Strange ObjectThe water lying on the fields has subsided and the ground has mostly dried up. I took a drive around the farm yesterday to look at the crops. All seemed well until I came across a mysterious object half hidden in the grass on Gotta Field…

Looking like a space accessory,
That had fallen from the sky,
Something lying in the grass field,
If I approach it will I die?

So I decide not to walk there,
My Mitsubishi in four-wheel drive,
Clutching my mobile phone beside me,
Ready to make an exit dive!

The closer that I come to see it,
The more ominous it looks,
Realise I’ve no Risk Assessment,
Haven’t gone by all the books!

Nearly on top of it I wonder,
Who will catch me if I fall?
Suddenly I feel quite stupid,
It’s only a purple exercise ball!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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