A walk in the Countryside!


Footpath 180315The other day I took a long-overdue walk down a local footpath. Although overcast, the day was a reminder that Spring is almost here. In Roman times the sunken road used to link a leper colony with a burial ground. Now its use is purely for pleasure, how times change…

There’s nothing like a walk in the country,
On a mid-March afternoon.
The trees are still bare and leafless,
You won’t be seeing far soon!
Wellies are still necessary footwear,
As mud forms the floor of a path,
You may see a shy muntjac,
Or a mad hare that may make you laugh!
In this country a network of footpaths,
Are part of our heritage and pride,
Many end up with a hostelry,
And a thirst-quenching pint found inside!


© Baldock Bard 2015
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