Alarm Call!


Alarm CallEvery Saturday morning my alarm goes off at 4.30 and I leap out of bed to prepare for an invasion of people. After cereal and coffee I leave the house and drive to the furthest edge of the farm where a queue of eager car boot sellers await in the dark. However some of them need new mattresses as they have been busy many hours before…

Who would ring at 02:09?
Don’t they know that it’s night-time?
Are they exhausted, tossing and turning,
for car boot sales they have been yearning.
They ring a number, the ‘boot sale line’
do they think all will be fine?
In an office empty and dark,
on the desk a phone is parked.
It rings and rings, to them ‘oh dear!’
they must assume that nobody’s here!
I am tempted tomorrow night,
To ring them early, are they alright?
But I won’t, because after all,
I find my mattress too comfortable!

Have a great weekend, I hope you’re spending it surrounded by those you love.

© Baldock Bard 2015
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