Americans Discover British Weather!


The son and daughter-in-law of friends from Los Angeles came to stay. They left the Bard household to visit relatives all over the UK, returning to stay on the eve of departure. It’s always fun making new friends. One can only hope they recover from the meteorological shock…

Ed and Meghan came to stay,
On a whistle-stop tour from the USA,
They bookended their tour with a couple of nights,
At ‘Baldock Bard Towers’ between their flights.
We did our best to facilitate,
A meeting with the ‘Queen’ and ‘William and Kate!’
Meghan’s an artist, she works with light,
She’s now seen rain, morning, noon and night!
If on return to the States they look pale,
They never got to visit a car boot sale,
So there’s no excuse (despite the rain),
They’ll just have to visit Baldock again!

We took them to Stevenage (5am train),
So they wouldn’t miss Heathrow (10am plane),
Having waved ‘goodbye’ to Meghan and Ed,
Mrs Bard and I sneaked home to bed!

© Baldock Bard 2012

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