An Invisible Car Boot Sale!


Foggy BootHere we are at the penultimate Saturday car boot sale of the season. So far this year we have only had to cancel two due to rain. This is a record. However last Saturday came close…

The boot sale season’s almost done,
The last one is next week,
The weather has been kind for us,
although for farming it’s been bleak!

Last week we had thick dense fog,
you could hardly see the stalls,
buyers loomed up out of the mist,
Voices echoed like St Pauls!

Today we hope for sunshine,
the weather forecast’s good.
Come down and see some bargains,
I think you really should!

I know… but it’s early in the morning and the brain is beginning to shut down its early-morning burst in preparation for Saturday morning lie-ins! Have a great weekend and enjoy whatever you have planned.

© Baldock Bard 2015
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