Aprollocks in June!


G Bards DiaryI was looking through Great-Grandfather Bard’s diary and came across an entry for 31st May 1878. ‘Rayne and hayle all day, Father used to singe at this time of yeare’:

‘In merrye olde England in Maye
My Trussock would sing every daye
“one brantag while scrollocking in June,
means aprollock wone be ‘ere too soon”’

Trussock: Young servant girl, occasionally used to mean young goat or gerbil.
Brantag: A sittingroom fire lit in the early afternoon sometimes used to suggest a cold afternoon.
Scrollocking: The sound of hail on the cattle yard roof.
Apollock: A perfect hay-making day, warm sun with a slight breeze that dries the hay quickly.

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