Aussie Tucker!


TuckerYesterday while shopping I spied some tucker from Down-Under! It certainly looked good in the picture on the packet and I was sorely tempted, but I’ve heard that kangaroo can pack a mighty punch…

Grab yourself some kangaroo steaks,
More hop and bounce than emu fakes!
However take care when they’re in the pan
They’ve got more fight than Sydney Stan!

Sydney Stan used to remonstrate,
With anything sat upon his plate,
He used to say: “I’ve sheared some wool
Take more than that to make me full!”

A chef, a Scotsman, liked to boast,
“A diners problem? Soon be toast!”
So for Sydney Stan, in a stew,
A ruddy great leg from a kangaroo!

Sydney Stan began to munch,
“This ain’t no more than normal lunch!”
Four hours later, some roo eroded,
The big sheep-shearer simply exploded!

From this tale of Sydney Stan,
it’s not what you eat that show’s you’re a man,
take it from me, it must be true,
there’s more than enough meat on a kangaroo!

With thanks to Lidl for introducing yet more culinary delights to our shores, we continue to watch your shelves with interest!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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