Ayesha and Marlee – The Wedding!


Ayesha & MarleeThere comes a time in life when all sorts of events serve to highlight the ageing process. One particular event is the marriage of your children’s friends. You know their age, however there is a part of your shrinking brain that still sees them as the age you first knew them! Yesterday (ten-year-old!) Ayesha was married to Marlee on the island of Malta…

Ayesha Visram,
went forth to the altar,
With fiancée Marlee,
on the Island of Malta.
They were wed,
At the Raddison Blu,
Looking over the sea,
Where they said “Yes I do!”

Miss Visram’s missed school,
For her wedding day,
The children all miss her,
As she is away.
Soon after half-term,
She’ll return heaven-sent,
They’ll find that Miss Visram,
Is now Mrs Dent!

Many congratulations to Ayesha and Marlee.
May happiness, love and joy be yours always.

© Baldock Bard 2014
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