Back to Work (Jubilee pt6)


There has been a real buzz on the streets during the last four days. Even non-royalists have joined in a nation-wide party that has transcended economic hardship. The importance of having a non-elected head of state has never been so obvious as we are surrounded by the utter incompetence of our elected politicians. No wonder Europe is ‘dans la merde,’ lacking as they do, any sort of continuity in leadership.

Oh! What a weekend,
Oh! What a show!
Now it’s Wednesday,
Back to work we go!

The morning rush-hour,
Didn’t seem so bad,
Still on a high,
From the party we had!

I worked so hard,
It made the boss look!
He didn’t realise,
I was on Facebook!

I posted pictures,
Our street party caper,
Soggy decorations,
Made from soggy paper!

What a shame,
It had to end,
Thank-You Your Majesty,
For a great weekend!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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