Baldock Charter Fair!


This morning Baldock is back to normal, the 813th annual Charter Fair has moved on overnight. The noise, light and buzz of a travelling fairground has disappeared and the town returns to normality…

Roll Up! Roll Up! It’s the fun of the fair,
Due to recession there are very few there.
All the rides you loved as a child,
Thanks to theme parks they seem tamer than wild.
The shopkeepers complain it takes up the street,
It’s one of those times that make history complete.
It’s only four days in October’s first week,
Used to be animals of which now not a squeak!
This morning it’s vanished just like a dream,
It marks the start of October or so it would seem.
Now I’m a Granddad, I’ll do as I oughta,
And be there in the future along with Granddaughter!
© Baldock Bard 2012
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