Baldock’s Halloween Fun at the Engine!


Engine 2Many people dressed up last night for Halloween. I have also seen pictures of pets dressed in a similar fashion. However Baldock likes to be different and the landlords of the Engine pub have certainly proved the point by dressing up their pub as if they’re expecting a Zombie attack! When I first saw the results I thought it was just another case of refurbishment, however looking closely it is extremely clever and should be applauded…

Coming from the station,
On a warm Friday afternoon,
Unusual for the end of October.
Has Spring sprung too soon?
Walking down the station approach,
I realize with dread,
This is the night of Halloween,
The night of living dead!
I look at my fellow Rush-Hourers,
Sweating as they run,
How many of them are Zombies,
For trick or treating fun?
I reach the Engine public house,
I’m ready for a drink,
It’s boarded up for a Zombie attack,
My heart begins to sink!
Then suddenly I’m pulled inside,
Thank the Lord I’m safe,
“What can I get for you?”
From a welcoming face!
I look out through the boards,
At the Zombies heading home,
And thank heavens for the humour,
That the Engine pub has shown!
Baldock-Bard-Gold-Star-Award-300x291 The Baldock Bard Gold Star is an occasional award when somebody or an organisation does something outstanding in their field and deserves commendation.
Previous Winners:
January 19th 2014 – Parking Enforcement, St Neots
June 9th 2013 – Staff at the 3 Store, Stevenage
Nov 7th 2012 – Belinda at the Deli counter, ASDA Stevenage

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