Balduck from Baldock!


IMG_6532Three years ago ‘Balduck from Baldock’ came to live on the farm following a bad few days in the life of a duck.
One Wednesday, he was flying along, thinking what a lovely day he was having, when a misjudgement of height led to him being hit by a car on a dual carriageway. The driver knew by the sudden cloud of feathers that she’d hit a bird and sadly assumed the worst. For the rest of the week she travelled up and down the motorway to and from work.
At the weekend she went to retrieve her car from the garage and noticed bird poo underneath the front. Investigating closer she noticed a pair of duck eyes looking out at her from behind the grill! She called the vet, once again fearing the worst. The vet called in the services of a friendly mechanic, who removed the front of the car. A bemused mallard duck was carefully removed and put on bed rest for a week.
The following week Balduck from Baldock, as he’d been christened, was released into the wild on our farm, to run with our tame ducks, where he’s lived ever since.
The above photo was taken yesterday when he came into the farmyard for his lunch! He has outlasted all our other ducks who have made meals for a local fox.

Balduck from Baldock is a very lucky duck!

You never know what is to come after a bad day! May all your troubles be small and surmountable.
Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend.
Baldock Bard.

© Baldock Bard 2016
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