Bertie and the Waves!


BertieThe other day I watched a couple taking their black Labrador for a walk on the beach. As they walked, the man threw a ball into the waves for an enthusiastic dog to fetch. The dog’s enthusiasm didn’t seem to wane as (rather alarmingly I thought), the man threw the ball further and further into the sea…

Peter, Jane and Labrador Bertie
arrived at the beach at around twelve-thirty!
Bertie leapt in and out of the sea,
“Will someone please throw the ball for me?”
Peter threw the ball into the waves,
Bertie satisfied with the reward he craves!
In and out of the sea for the length of the beach,
throw, fetch, throw fetch, until out of reach!
Back in the car park by one-thirty,
Peter, Jane and one wet smelly Bertie!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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