Betty The Camel


Recently my daughter, son in law and granddaughter visited a safari park. A camel approached their camper van. It soon became obvious that she was looking to escape as her questioning went from details about the interior to where they came from, how spacious were the seats and did they have a field and shelter at home? They ignored her pleas, smiled, and kept looking ahead despite her ever-increasing desperation…

Betty the camel has got the hump,
she has become a miserable frump.
Both her children are off her hands,
nobody cares nor understands.
Husband Frank is out to work,
to be quite honest he’s become a jerk,
monosyllabic and running to fat,
he can’t be bothered to remove his hat!
Mornings she spends drinking coffee,
bitching and moaning with her friend Lotte.
Afternoons until it gets dark,
she tries to escape the safari park.
Soon she’ll go home to make Frank’s tea,
then a bottle of wine and watch TV!
Her old mother used to say:
“Whatever you do there’s a bill to pay!”

© Baldock Bard 2017
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