Beyond the End of the Line!


IMG_1593Sara and Claire, co-ordinators from the Country Trust, recently visited the farm to prepare for visits from three London schools. Sara kindly brought me a present, a book of London Underground poems. Being a country-dwelling yokel, I have always been delighted to see such poems (by proper poets) on the rare occasions I have taken the tube. The gift set me thinking about the end of the line and what awaits intrepid visitors…

This morning’s verse is dedicated to all those who have worked so hard, since 1986, to make Poems on the Underground such a success.

Out beyond the final stops,
lie villages, woods, fields and crops.
And pubs where old men sit and chat,
with quiet streets, an occasional cat!
A ruck-sacked rambler wends his way,
past overgrown hedges filled with May.
The gentle clip-clop of hoof on road,
the smell of grass that’s freshly mowed.
A dog is barking a mile away,
in the playground children play.
All of a sudden a forgotten factor,
Tractor 2The Country Trust is a national educational charity dedicated to bringing alive the working countryside for children least able to access it.
It is through their hard work that many children have visited our farm. It has given us enormous pleasure seeing them exploring new surroundings. Sharing the countryside that we are so lucky to live and work in, is what makes life worthwhile. We are looking forward to seeing groups from three London schools later this month.

© Baldock Bard 2014
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