Boating for Boys!


Wet BoatThe other week I saw a sad sight. A once-loved boat, partially submerged and lying on its side. I once knew a boater who sold a boat on the Internet. Sadly for the buyer, it got as far as Peterborough on the A1 when it fell off the trailer and ‘floated’ down the dual carriageway. Caveat Emptor (buyer beware) applies…

He bought a boat on the Internet,
a surprise for his wife,
he imagined himself in a sailor’s hat,
“It’s great this boating life!”

Sitting out on the rear deck,
their iced-drinks gently clinking,
“Shall we set sail for Monaco?”
his ulterior-motive-thinking!

“Close your eyes now darling,
My gift it is just around here,”
His dreams dissolved completely,
When the submerged wreck drew near,

Sitting up on the open deck,
laughing and making merry!
“This is the life,” he said to his wife,
at sea on a cross-channel ferry!

Have a greaat day and watch out for ‘unseen’ treasure. Sometimes a bargain only involves an advantage for someone else and you could be let with that sinking feeling!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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