Bottom Glasses!


Scamming BastardsYesterday I was almost taken in by a scam E-mail. So well crafted was the fake site that I very nearly clicked on the ‘ENTER PERSONAL DETAILS AND LET US STEAL MONEY FROM YOU!’ hyperlink. It was only when running the cursor over the link that I noticed it was attempting to send me to: that I realized Goofy was attempting to play tricks with me…

I’ve must get a pair of bottom glasses,
So I can see behind me in computer classes!
It’s become very apparent you can see,
That scammers, cleverer, are attempting to be,
In getting hold of personal details,
Their lookalike scams sometime derails.
So even if they’re from North Korea,
Let hope the Karma Fairy gives them Diarrhea!

…Or locks them into a theme park for a month/year until they go mad at the sight of cartoon characters with huge fiberglass heads and leaves them begging for food other than burgers and fries!
There are some nasty people hiding out there, take care today and always, they must not be allowed to succeed.

© Baldock Bard 2015
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