Broadstairs Beach!


For the last eighteen days my father has lain in a hospital bed; immobile, sometimes asleep and often confused. My family and I have spent many hours by his bedside to relieve the nurses so they can see to others. The other day he looked out of the hospital window towards the next hospital block and declared that ‘the sea is calm off Broadstairs Beach’. His dementia has been heightened by his immobility and medical condition. However I’m not actually sure that it’s a bad thing as he’s spending much time ‘away’ and judging by the grin on his face, he’s not in a bad place…

The weather’s always fine on Broadstairs Beach,
back many many years ago,
my father sits there with his family,
it’s a place he likes to go!
It makes a great change from a hospital bed,
with the hustle and bustle of a ward,
the embarrassing use of a commode or a pot,
and absolves him from getting bored!
So when he is absent away in his dreams,
a place that is beyond daily reach,
he is enjoying the sun on his face,
we all need a Broadstairs Beach!

Have a great Friday and may you get to spend time in your own little world!

© Baldock Bard 2018
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