Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!


The other afternoon son-in-law John and I went to cut up a fallen tree by the wood. On occasions such as this I am the labourer and John is the skilled operator. He has all his chainsaw qualifications (the arborists equivalent of a First Class Honours Degree from Oxbridge), and I have a deep-seated hatred of the buzzing machines (my four-year-old granddaughter delights in chasing me armed with her toy Stihl chainsaw!). Suddenly the saw went quiet and John rushed past me shouting: “Run!”  Fearing at least a zombie invasion or unearthed WW2 bomb, I ran as well…

Buzz buzz buzz!
Went the angry red chainsaw,
as it sliced its way,
through wood two feet or more!
“Buzz buzz buzz!”
Shout the wild angry bees,
“Run Run Run!”
Shouts John as he flees!

I stood there confused
What on earth should I do?
didn’t know what was happening
So I ran too!
Knowing nothing about bees,
Except they make honey and sting,
I couldn’t help but laugh,
I didn’t feel a thing!

It pays to pay attention when someone else is sawing timber! Be careful today and stay safe!

© Baldock Bard 2017
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