Chirpy the Chicken!


C1As I get older I’m getting softer, or so everybody tells me! Last week we had a death on the farm. Chirpy the Chicken. She was a natural show-off: right from when she was hatched, if a camera was pointed in her direction she’d assume it was for her and preen. She’d also rush to greet visiting groups of schoolchildren assuming that they were on the farm just to see her! Despite having other chickens roaming the farmyard she was always special, we’re going to miss her…

Chirpy’s mother was a duck!
Who was most surprised to hatch her,
Ever since then she’s hogged the limelight,
No other chick could catch her!
C2As she grew she liked attention,
For children she would run,
She’d show off as if on the stage,
And sometimes show her bum!
Chirpy schoolIn harvest she played ‘chicken’!
With the giant wheels of the trailer,
I’d be waving it into the store,
Her courage never failed her!
Chirpy chickenWe discovered her body without her head,
And buried her in a box,
She’s been denied retirement,
By a bloody murdering fox.
C3 2RIP Chirpy.

© Baldock Bard 2013
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