Confucius He Say…!


Drill 4Good old Confucius left a whole host of sayings when he shuffled off his mortal coil. We all have our favourites, mine being: ‘May you live in interesting times’. Unfortunately when he wrote this, he didn’t say whether he meant good or bad times. At the moment we are planting wheat with an uncertain future. All commodity prices are on the floor and there is little confidence amongst food producers. However, despite this uncertainty, I find these are also exciting times as we farmers constantly re-evaluate everything in our fields. Maybe Confucius was right…

We’re planting wheat,
they forecast rain,
I wish they’d keep it,
back in Spain!
This time last year,
we’d shut the gate,
this year’s plantings,
a trifle late.
We’re also loading,
wheat from the barn,
worth bugger-all,
cause for alarm.
But what is this?
in high street shops,
massive mark-ups,
on all their stocks.
I’m not saying,
“I don’t care”
but at least I’m vertical
and breathing air!

Thank you Confucius; Happy Days!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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