Congestion and Indigestion!


Traffic 0315A weekend guest was held up in traffic on Friday afternoon. Apparently the cause was an horrific accident. It made me consider the last time I was in heavy traffic, it wasn’t pleasant but when I passed the cause I realised you don’t have to look far to find somebody worse off…

The traffic’s bad and you feel that it may snow,
Your nose is blocked and you need a damn good blow.
The man in the car behind picks his nose,
When the motorway halts that’s when time slow-goes!

The traffic report says the road is clear,
The car’s spent ten minutes out of gear!
The ETA on the satnav is advancing,
And you feel like doing some naked tarmac dancing!

Then at last the traffic begins to move,
Your sense of humour slowly begins to improve,
You pass the accident that’s been shunted away,
And say a quiet prayer: “Thank heavens it wasn’t me today”.

© Baldock Bard 2015
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