Cyber Monday Trials!


Bank PlasticToday is Cyber Monday. Like Boxing Day follows Christmas Day, this apparently follows Black Friday which follows Thanksgiving. What we are giving thanks for here in the UK, I’m not quite sure, maybe it was World Bread Day or similar. I won’t be taking part in Cyber Monday as I am within without. I am like the Yonder Peasant. My plastic ran out yesterday and there is no replacement from the bank…

Following various phone calls,
My wallet has no plastic,
I cannot buy, I cannot live,
My life is not fantastic.
I’ve begged them to send another card,
I’ve been on bended knee,
But the only answer that they had,
Be working days ‘just three!’
So I’ve dusted down the cheque book,
(laugh if you must!)
What do you find in your wallet?
In mine there’s only dust!
© Baldock Bard 2014
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