Deep in the Fertilizer!


Fert UnloadThere is a law that applies to much of what we do in life. It’s called ‘Sod’s Law of Probability’ and it states that: ‘If something can go wrong, it will go wrong!’ Yesterday morning bright and early, I took delivery of a load of fertilizer in one-tonne bags. I didn’t spear a bag with the JCB Loadall, I didn’t drop a single bag and the pile is still standing (3 miracles in a row!). However the driver of the lorry was having a different day. Having told me that he was ahead of schedule, his problems started…

I unloaded the bags,
And stacked them away,
Without a problem,
T’was a lucky Wednesday!
“Do you have wind?”
The driver enquired,
I wasn’t upset,
His wheel was flat-tyred!
“It looks like a flat,”
I offered advice,
Fine in a town,
On a farm isn’t nice!
I unraveled the pipe,
Started the compressor,
“I’ll need 140lbs!”
He said, meaning pressure!
When the flat tyre,
was up from the ground,
He bid me farewell,
With a slight hissing sound!
I hope he arrived safely,
At his next port of call,
Having taken Sod’s Law
Far beyond the farm wall!
Fert Lorry© Baldock Bard 2014
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