Dolly’s Christmas Party!


The office party season has finally slurred to a close. Up and down the land staff have made fools of themselves and said things they’d never dream of saying in private to their cat, let alone to co-workers. Evidence has been stored for use later in the year. On the farm, Dolly the horse has been to a Christmas party…

Dolly went to an office party,
Had her fill of beer.
Found there were no wise men around,
Shouted “Getsh me outav here!”

Charlotte helped her to a singles bar,
Hoping the air would sober.
Dolly told the barman thirteen times,
“No drinksh shinsh lasht hic-tober!”

The barman said to Dolly,
“Why the very long face?”
She didn’t find the joke amusing,
Lost her temper and trashed the place!

So Charlotte hailed a taxi,
Dolly was abusive of course.
It didn’t help when the driver said:
“Is she drunk or just a little hoarse!”

Dolly’s had a good night’s sleep,
Dreaming of carrots and peace.
But this morning she’s hung-over,
Being asked some questions by the police!

© Baldock Bard 2012
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